Welcome to the SEA-FLECT project page. The winds from Aeolus lidar SEA surface reFLECTance (SEA-FLECT) aims to demonstrate the potential of the Aeolus observations for monitoring of sea surface winds. This project is funded by ESA under the Aeolus + Innovation project (contract reference 4000133131/20/I-BG)


The objectives of the Aeolus Ocean Surface Wind project are to


if the Aeolus observations can be used to derive ocean surface winds, and


which meteorological and oceanic conditions are favourable to derive this product from the observations

This page will be updated during the project.


To meet the objectives, we will perform a detailed analysis of the Aeolus surface returns over selected regions, under different surface wind conditions. The surface wind information will be derived from scatterometer data, while the surface conditions will be determined from traditional imagery data as provided by e.g. Modis or Sentinel2. In addition detailed radiative transfer calculations will be performed to support the analysis.


The findings of the activities, will be documented in a final report. This document will be presented to ESA at the end of the project. During the course of the project, this web-page will be updated with the main results of the different phases.

Project Phases

The project is stratified into five different development phases and one phase where the results of the project are summarised and a final report is being prepared. These different phases are listed below and will be populated with information as the project evolves over time.


The content of the different phases will be updated during the project.

Access to selected datasets

Selected dataset will be made available during the course of the project at no cost. These datasets will be identified in the datset section. Users who would like to access a copy should send a request to the email address listed in the contact.


For further information and access to the selected dataset, please send a transmission to:


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